Current Members

  • Ieva Cepaite (Project Student)
  • Ulysse Chabaud (PhD and Master Student)
  • Alexandru Cojocaru (PhD and Master student)
  • Brian Coyle (PhD and Master Student)
  • Mahshid Delavar (Postdoc)
  • Ellen Derbyshire (PhD)
  • Tom Douce (Postdoc)
  • Alexandru Gheorghiu (Postodc, PhD and Master student)
  • Daniel Mills (PhD and Master student)
  • Luka Music (PhD and Master student)
  • Petros Wallden (Postdoc)

Past Members

  • Flaviu Cipcigarn (Project student)
  • Léo Colisson (Project student)
  • Raphael Dias (Visiting Ph.D. student)
  • Leonardo Disilvestro (Master and project student)
  • Vedran Dunjko (Postdoc and Ph.D. student)
  • Patric Fulop (Project student)
  • Matty Hoban (postdoc)
  • Borislav Ikonomov (Master student)
  • Marc Kaplan (postdoc)
  • Theodoros Kapourniotis (Postdoc, Ph.D. and Master student)
  • Pia Kullik (Project student)
  • Shane Mansfield (postdoc)
  • Martin Marinov (Project student)
  • Anna Pappa (Postdoc)
  • Einar Pius (Ph.D. and Master studnet)
  • Phivos Sofokleous (Project student)
  • Iskren Vankov (Project student)